Scholarships & Bursaries


Here at St. Dominic’s Priory School we offer a variety of scholarships which are awarded irrespective of financial means.

Students can apply for any number of scholarships when enrolling to join Year 7 in the senior school.

Awarded scholarships are reviewed annually to ensure that students continue to demonstrate commitment.

Academic Scholarships – this scholarship is awarded based on a student’s entrance assessment result. It is awarded to a gifted and talented pupil and offers a reduction off school fees up to £4000 per annum.

Art, Music, Performing Art and Sport Scholarships – these scholarships are awarded based on performance in those specific areas and each offers a £2,000 reduction off annual school fees.

Art Scholarship – students wishing to compete for this scholarship will be assessed on their observational recording ability during a formal one-hour assessment. Applicants must excel at art and demonstrate outstanding drawing ability.

In addition, they must also submit two pieces of their own artwork (of any size and media). Students competing from St. Dominic’s should select two pieces from their classwork.

The student who demonstrates sophisticated and exceptional use of materials, techniques and the visual elements: line, shape, form, tone, colour and texture, may be awarded the scholarship in art.

Music – students will be expected to perform a piece or short portfolio of pieces of their choice. They will also perform a piece at sight, appropriate time and practise will be given. A series of aural tests and questions relating to music theory appropriate to their current level of study will be given.

Performing Arts – this scholarship is made up from the following components, drama, dance and singing and all areas will be tested.

Sport – sports scholarship may be awarded on the basis of performance when being assessed and applicants should compete at regional or national level. We are especially interested in students who are considered outstanding in one sport, or who excel in a range of sporting achievements, whom have a membership of any sports club or any representative honours.


From time to time funds are secured to offer sponsorships to children who would greatly benefit from an education at St. Dominic’s Priory School.


From time to time bursaries are considered. This will depend on whether funds are available at that time along with the financial, compassionate or other circumstances of the applicants.

Bursaries are not awarded in recognition of academic merit; awards of this type may be granted as scholarships.

For any enquiries and applications please complete the enquiry form.

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