Inspection Report

Regulatory Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report

We are delighted to announce that we have once again been awarded the top grade of ‘Excellent’ in all aspects of our ISI Educational Quality Inspection and remain ‘compliant’ in all regulatory aspects (2022).

The education quality inspection report focuses on two key outcomes:

  • The achievement of the pupils, including their academic development, and
  • the personal development of the pupils.

Here are some of the key findings within the inspection report:

Achievements and Academic Development

  • Pupils, including those with SEND, attain highly.
  • Pupils throughout the school make rapid progress in developing their knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Pupils are confident and highly articulate communicators throughout the school.
  • Pupils achieve excellence in a wide range of extra-curricular and sporting activities.

Personal Development

  • Pupils demonstrate substantial self-confidence and a strong awareness of personal growth over time.
  • Pupils’ moral understanding is highly developed and they display a clear awareness of right and wrong which underpins the way they behave in school.
  • The spirituality of pupils is very well developed and pupils show mature appreciation of the non-material aspects of life.
  • Pupils’ social development and collaboration skills are excellent and relationships with each other are warm and positve.

We would like to thank everyone associated with the inspection –  staff, pupils, parents and governors for their contribution to such a successful outcome.

“Pupils of all ages and abilities demonstrated an excellent understanding of prior learning in many lessons and built strongly on this to deepen their understanding and further their skills.”

“Pupils are confident and highly articulate in their communication both within the classroom and around the school.  They listen attentively in class discussions and present ideas with fluency and clarity, a feature of some of the most effective learning in lessons.  They respond well to their peers with engagement, empathy and understanding.”

“Throughout the school, pupils’ social skills are highly developed.  They demonstrate excellent social awareness, interactions being positive, honest and open, reflecting the strength of community and expectation of collaboration that exists within the school in response to the school’s aims.”

“The pupils are at ease and tolerant with each other, supported by leadership having created a culture of openess, inclusion and acceptance.”

Please Click Here to view the full Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report from December 2022.


St Dominic's Inspection Report

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